By Sonam Arya Gulati, Associate at TPC Leadership India

Feedback, if understood and applied constructively, becomes your feedforward in life.

Feedback gives eyes to the blind spots and helps one improve in life. Being receptive to feedback is an integral part of success as it helps one grow beyond what they knew about themselves. The way feedback is given and received makes all the difference. If one takes feedback as a criticism, it can build resentment and hence stop one from moving forward in areas which might be important for success. Feedback is a way to understand the scope one has, as this means they are capable of more.

I have found the feedback I have received as my biggest strength in life. It has helped me identify areas I could work on, to excel and reach my potential. I am always happy to receive it as it gives me insights, I might not be able to see with my eyes as clearly.

There are leaders seeking 360 feedback as a part of Leadership Development and there is immense scope this journey has. This feedback forms the basis of the intervention once there are 360 degrees insights on their strengths as well as areas of development once a detailed interview is conducted from all those connected with the leader, whether above, below or at the same hierarchy. Once you view yourself from different angles, you get perspectives which might not be real for you, however there are some out there who have received something from you or observed something, to form that perspective. The Johari window gives a beautiful perspective on things we know about ourselves and those we do not, which have been illustrated below –

The way to explore the unknown area certainly comes from getting to know one’s blind spots and giving visible life to the hidden areas so it can be seen by others. Feedback is that integral tool which can make one understand different perspectives on their performance, behaviour, identity, potential and hence open gates for the hidden and unknown areas to open.
At TPC Leadership, we support organisations to develop a feedback seeking culture, so that they are systemically navigating through changing landscapes, considering all parts of the whole that make a difference.

Deep & Pooja at TPCL conduct ICF & EMCC certified Coach Training, Mentoring and Coach Supervision Programs where they offer continued feedback to the coaches & leaders who are advancing their coaching skills via our programs. They also, enable an open forum and a safe environment for our programs alumni to harness their skillset as a leader & a coach.

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