Foundation Coaching Skills

Lay the groundwork to increase your effectiveness

About this Programme

Over the last 10 years, coaching has been increasingly recognised as a highly effective method for improving development, staff retention and employee engagement. Our Foundation Coaching Skills programme focuses on developing a leadership style that embraces coaching. 

We teach you the practical techniques and theoretical models of effective coaching and challenge you to examine your personal leadership approach. This leads to the discovery of practical ways to integrate coaching into your daily responsibilities as a way of increasing the performance and engagement of your teams.

The programme is EQA accredited with the EMCC for those who wish to achieve the Foundation level EQA certificate, otherwise a certificate of attendance will be issued which will count as APEL for future coaching programmes. 

For those with sufficient coaching hours (minimum of 50 hours over 1 year), the programme can also lead to the EIA award at Foundation level.


What to expect

You will learn the core models and techniques of high quality coaching. You will also study the theoretical underpinnings behind coaching, allowing your personal coaching practice to move beyond a mere management tool - becoming a mechanism for increased learning and higher performance.

Participants should expect to:

  • understand the psychological basis of coaching
  • practice non directive and directive styles in coaching and mentoring
  • be able to identify and execute coaching, mentoring and manager roles in different situations
  • establish rapport and build trust based relationship
  • use coaching for high performance
  • add practical coaching tools to their leadership toolbox


Delivered over 3 days in a blended programme, each workshop comprises discussions about the theories of coaching, supported by practice sessions observed by our facilitators. 

You’ll also be able to access our online learning system to find pre-session and post-session materials and an online community for the cohort.


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