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range of coaching approaches

How to use a range of coaching approaches

By TPC Leadership | March 4, 2021

How to use a range of coaching approaches Coaching, in any form, is known to benefit businesses and individuals. It promotes growth, increases engagement and empowers smart leaders to tackle …

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external coaching

Benefits of using an external coach

By TPC Leadership | February 18, 2021

In this blog Biran Yilancioglu explores the benefits for organisations of investing in an external coach. Why invest in an external coach? There’s no denying the benefits of a coaching …

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coaching culture

Coaching Culture – the benefit for organisations

By TPC Leadership | February 4, 2021

5 ways coaching culture can benefit your business  “People don’t leave a company; they leave a manager” says Biran Yiancioglu, Design Partner and Coach Practitioner Programme Leader at TPC Leadership. …

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Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for Leaders – different leadership styles and where coaching sits

By TPC Leadership | January 21, 2021

Why every leader needs coaching in their skillset We know that coaching is a valuable leadership skill, yet in many businesses it’s not at the top of the agenda to …

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Leadership development for emerging leaders. Why it matters more than ever

By TPC Leadership | November 18, 2020

In this blog TPC Leadership founder Charles Brook discusses the need for better leadership development for emerging leaders.  Even with our current disturbance to existing working practices, it’s essential to ensure emerging …

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Views on Leadership – Interview with Elie du Pre de Saint Maur

By TPC Leadership | October 29, 2020

Interview with Elie du Pre de Saint Maur and Frédéric Lhospied  (October 2020) We are delighted to inaugurate our 1st interview around the theme of Leadership, with Elie du Pre …

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The internal drivers that impact decision making

By TPC Leadership | October 27, 2020

In our previous articles, we explored practical approaches to navigate diversity and how to manage virtual cross-cultural teams. Today, we’re going to tackle how internal drivers play out in micro-decisions and …

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Leading under pressure

Leading under pressure

By TPC Leadership | October 22, 2020

The word pressure is thrown around a lot in leadership circles. But pressure is a broad term when discussing how it might be navigated. Growing the capacity to lead under pressure is …

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process communication model

Process Communication Model™: A practical approach to navigate diversity

By TPC Leadership | October 15, 2020

As we contine our blog series looking at virtual teams and how to ensure they are inclusive, this week we explore the Process Communication Model ™ as a tool for …

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