Transformational Team Coaching

Synergise the strengths of teams

"Team coaching is the art of facilitating and challenging a real team to maximise its performance
and enjoyment in service of meaningful organisational goals. It is increasingly recognised as a
transformational high-impact methodology. Team coaching supports divisional teams, functional
teams and top teams to navigate complex environments and deliver extraordinary results."

TPC Leadership

About this Programme


In a fast-paced business world, teams often fall short of operating at their best because of:

  • Uncompelling goals or targets unaligned with the wider organisational strategy and culture
  • Unclear or obsolete decision processes
  • A lack of effective communication guidelines and team facilitation routines
  • A lack of a coordinated stakeholders & management strategy
  • Insufficient trust among the team members, resulting in a poor capacity of handling difficult conversations – and an increased level of unnecessary anxiety, stress and discomfort in the working environment

Stumbling blocks like these can create a dramatic impact on business performance. And when they involve boards or directive teams managing entire businesses, functions or divisions, team coaching becomes vital to the health of the organisation. Team coaches support teams by increasing their awareness of the current patterns and by challenging its members to leverage their resources, strengths and life-giving forces to enhance team processes, relationships and performance.

What to expect

The Transformational Team Coaching Programme is TPC Leadership’s ICF AATC certified Team Coach training programme. It is designed for:

  • Coaches & TPCL alumni who want to offer team coaching as a service
  • HR or L&D with coaching and/or facilitation skills that want to support the empowerment of the teams in the organisation
  • Leaders whose primary role is being a team leader, that want to create extraordinary performance for their teams 

Overall programme objectives

The programme will enable you to:

  • Become more confident and competent drawing on your existing individual coaching skills; develop and experience additional competencies to effectively coach teams
  • Have an overview of the field and a thorough foundation in aim and core concepts of team coaching
  • Have a better understanding of team development phases with their typical themes and team dynamics
  • Learn a holistic transformational approach to team coaching, a team coaching process and different concepts to be able to tailor to your client needs and their system
  • Have opportunities to practice, experiment and experience different impactful interventions
  • Understand the role of the team coach, develop your personal team coach vision and your development plan 

Design of the programme

  • Delegates learn, experience and then apply the team coaching process step by step with a team of their own choosing
  • Delegates receive feedback, translate their experiences into the ICF team coach knowledge & capabilities and participate in supervision to strengthen their own reflective practice and personal signature
  • TPCL offers a distinguished transformational holistic approach with a broad perspective of the team coaching field: fundamentals, team development, team dynamics and their undercurrent, deep democracy, organisational systems, executive coaching, virtual team coaching as well as transpersonal team coaching and team coaching for organisational culture and change
  • The workshops are highly experiental: participants gather the necessary theoretical knowledge in advance via TPCLs online learning platform MyQuest on which reading material, videos, questionnaires and reflection questions are offered



The Transformational Team Coaching programme takes place over 6 months and brings together a range of activities including face to face & virtual workshops, virtual webinars, group and peer supervision and your outside classroom team coaching practice.

As a delegate you will receive:

  • 52 hours of synchronous classroom learning (learning days, ½ day virtual workshops and 2 hour virtual webinars) delivered by our global faculty of senior team coaches with experience from diverse industrial contexts and cultural backgrounds.
  • 10 hours of group supervision provided by certified supervisors
  • Peer supervision
  • Reflective practice, team coaching assignments and additional learning resources delivered through our online learning platform MyQuest

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What our participants say...

"A big thank you to all, for this amazing learning opportunity, great exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences" 

Renata Crisan

 "It has stretched and strengthened me as a coach and as a person" 

Richard Cook

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