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India Transformational Team Coaching ICF-AATC Accredited (Virtual – Zoom)

Transformational Team Coaching – Virtual Program (ICF-AATC Accredited)

Team coaching is the art of facilitating and challenging a real team to maximise its performance and enjoyment in service of meaningful organisational goals

M1 – Introduction in to team coaching and team coaching process step 1-3
The program begins with a thorough exploration of the fundamentals of Team coaching. What it is and what it is not. How to coach teams step by step to develop collaborative, resilient and successful teams.

On completion of this module, you will:

  • Understand the difference between individual and team coaching.
  • Explore the different team development modalities, the role of the team coach and contracting
  • Explore the team coaching process and their different steps
  • Learn how to pitch for work and how to initiate the first phase of the team development journey.
  • Define a plan to set up their client engagement, interview(s) and stakeholder engagement and potentially diagnostics.

M2 – Team coaching process step 4 and team coach interventions
Having covered the foundations and the initial stage (step 1-3) of the Team coaching process, in module two we will dive deeper into the team coach interventions repertoire, different models and team coach styles and capabilities. We will experience and practise various interventions in different team development phases. You will have the opportunity to experiment, explore your own strengths and areas for development.

On completion of this module, you will:

  • Learn and practise different coaching interventions, above and below the surface from various disciplines and approaches e.g. team development phases and their team dynamics and themes, appreciative inquiry, system thinking, deep democracy
  • Practise with simulated team situations
  • Explore and practise managing conflict and dysfunctional group processes
  • Explore your personal style and preference and how that may impact your work
  • Receive individual feedback in relation the ICF Team coach competencies and deepen self-awareness

M3 -Transpersonal team coaching
Where module one and two cover specific steps of the team coaching process, at module three our focus shifts to considering the team from a transpersonal lens and expanding on the systemic perspective. The transpersonal approach incorporates the realm of qualities and values, striving for meaning beyond the personal, and incorporating the potential for wholeness and transformation.

On completion of this module, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of the transpersonal approach
  • Develop an appreciation of the transpersonal elements in working with teams
  • Develop skills and attributes required by the team coach to hold space and work with emergence

M4 -Team coaching for organisational culture and teams in change
In this module we take team coaching to the next level, as we explore how you can work with teams in moments of change, and how you can leverage on teams to drive wider culture and business transformations. To achieve this, we look at organizations from an evolutionary perspective, and dive into how leadership meaning-making shapes the shared belief systems and the processes that may support – or delay – cultural change.

As team coaches, you will learn the core principles of developmental theory and their applications to teams in change, practice how to support teams to inquire into the unspoken assumptions that drive behaviours and decisions, and apply critical thinking skills to facilitate the emergence of fresh and disruptive ideas.

On completion of this module, you will:

  • Have an appreciation of how leadership meaning-making affects the culture and the performance of teams and, more widely, of organisations
  • Have learnt how to raise awareness into unspoken cultural assumptions and how to create favourable frameworks for restructuring them
  • Have learnt how to apply a developmental perspective to facilitate cultural change in teams managing or driving wider cultural change initiatives.

M5 -Ethics and your professional team coaching ‘signature’.  Program close.
Firstly we will focus on the importance of ethics and your professional team coaching ‘signature’. In the last workshop we will celebrate and close our journey together, experiencing and reflecting your client team disengagement. Team coaching is making yourself redundant and increasing the team learning capability.

On completion of this module, you will:

  • Discuss several ethical team coach situations
  • Explore your identity as a team coach and development going forward
  • Learn the importance of the last team coaching step and how to shape that
  • Celebrate and appreciate your group journey and each individual contribution



Oct 24 2024


Frouke Horstmann - ICF PCC, EMCC

Lead Facilitator

Frouke Horstmann - ICF PCC, EMCC

Other Facilitators

Deep Ahuja Sharma - ICF MCC, EMCC
Deep Ahuja Sharma - ICF MCC, EMCC
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