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UK Coach Practitioner – September 2024

TPC Leadership UK runs this 7-month programme which is accredited with ICF and EMCC and is designed for anyone involved in coaching/mentoring, whether it’s part of their role or their main function.

Accreditation is optional, but if you choose to become certified, your choice of accreditation will depend on:

  • what you want to do with your coaching qualification once you have achieved it
  • how the requirements for the accreditation process resonate with your learning style
  • whether you have plans to progress onto further learning

Course details

The course is approximately 7 months in length and involves/includes:
– 4 workshops over 9 days (virtual)

– virtual group supervision/mentoring after each module

– practical assessment of your coaching skills

– co-supervision practice with your group

– access to online learning resources

September 2024 Dates

Onboarding Call – Onboarding Call – TBC

Module 1: 24, 25, 26th September 2024 – Foundation Coaching Skills: Leader as Coach

Module 2: 27, 28th November 2024 – Creating Insights

Module 3: 8, 9th January 2025 – Applied Positive Psychology in Coaching

Module 4: 26, 27th February 2025 – Coaching Through Ambiguity and Complexity

Please note price excludes VAT and an additional fee will be payable should you wish to accredit with  EMCC when you have completed your programme. If you are self funding please speak with us about the pricing. 

For more information about our courses why not download the latest UK brochure here, schedule a call with us? Or

Explore the profound experience and motivations behind enrolling in our Coach Practitioner course. Delve into the transformative journey shared by numerous participants, as we chatted to Craig Gartner.

Through authentic narratives, witness the real impact of coaching. This course is not just about honing coaching skills; it’s a voyage that unravels your values, strengths, and areas for personal growth. Coaching others becomes a pathway to self-discovery, fostering self-awareness and catalyzing positive changes across different facets of your life. Craig skillfully conveys this message, encapsulating the essence of our transformative approach.

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Sep 24 2024 - Feb 27 2025




Biran Yilancioglu

Lead Facilitator

Biran Yilancioglu

Other Facilitators

Catherine Bardwell
Catherine Bardwell
Neel Arya
Neel Arya
Diana Whitmore
Diana Whitmore
Ruth Sangale
Ruth Sangale