Transformational Team Coaching Virtual Program – new dates coming soon

The Transformational Team Coaching Virtual Program is TPC Leadership’s ICF certified Team Coach training programme.

It is designed for coaches and TPCL alumni who want to offer team coaching as a service, HR L&D with coaching and/or facilitation skills who want to support the empowerment of the teams in the organisation,  leaders whose primary occasion is being a team leader, who want to create extraordinary performance for their teams, be more creative and have more empowered and efficient decision making and self management teams that want to boost ownership and agility in their teams.

Programme objectives

The programme will enable you to:

  • Become more confident and competent drawing on your existing individual coaching skills; develop and experience additional competencies to effectively coach teams

  • Have an overview of the field and a thorough foundation in aim and core concepts of team coaching

  • Have a better understanding of team development phases with their typical themes and team dynamics

  • Learn a holistic transformational approach to team coaching, a team coaching process and different concepts to be able to tailor to your client needs and their system

  • Have opportunities to practice, experiment and experience different impactful interventions

  • Understand the role of the team coach, develop your vision for yourself as a team coach and your development plan

Programme structure

The Transformational Team Coaching Virtual Program takes place over 6-7 months and brings together a range of activities from virtual workshops, virtual webinars, group and peer supervision and your outside classroom team coaching practice.

As a delegate you will receive:

  • 52 hours of synchronous classroom learning (learning days, ½ day virtual workshops and 2 hour virtual webinars) delivered by our global faculty of senior team coaches with experience from diverse industrial contexts and cultural backgrounds.
  • 10 hours of group supervision provided by certified supervisors on your team coach practise
  • Peer supervision
  • Reflective practice, team coaching assignments and additional learning resources delivered through our online learning platform MyQuest

Programme timetable

Onboarding call (virtual):

Module 1 (virtual): Introduction to team coaching and the team coaching process (steps 1-3)

Virtual Diagnostics (virtual): Diagnostics

Supervision #1 (virtual):

Module 2 (virtual): Team coaching process (step 4) and team coach interventions

Observed Practise (virtual): 

Module 3 (virtual): Transpersonal team coaching

Mini-workshop (virtual): Executive team coaching

Observed Practise (virtual):

Module 4 (virtual): Team coaching for organisational culture and teams in change

Supervision #2 (virtual): 

Module 5 (virtual): Ethics and your professional team coaching ‘signature’. Programme close  ’24

Supervision #3 (virtual):


Early bird – €3.995 ex VAT

Regular – €4.333 ex VAT

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Nov 03 2023




Frouke Horstmann - ICF PCC, EMCC

Lead Facilitator

Frouke Horstmann - ICF PCC, EMCC

Other Facilitators

Andrew McDowell
Andrew McDowell
Annelieke Jense
Annelieke Jense
Christian Scholtes
Christian Scholtes
Joe Aston
Joe Aston
Ramon de Haan
Ramon de Haan