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Deep Ahuja Sharma

Managing Partner - New Delhi

The purpose of my life is to co-create a space for people to believe in self, and receive everything they aspire to achieve


Deep is a compassionate facilitator, coach and mentor who believes in peoples’ potential to create inspiring results. She works with leaders and teams to help them develop strong interpersonal relationships by harmonising their head, heart, hands and gut to support sustained high performance.

She trusts that our experiences form our beliefs and further formulate our attitudes, which drive our behaviours and end results. Hence, she works on the "inside" to support her clients to nourish their roots and reap profound changes on the "outside".

Leadership Development, Coaching & Consulting Experience

Deep has progressive experience of 20 years as a Consultant, Coach, Sales leader and leadership facilitator, including 6 years as an entrepreneur. She partners with organisations and conducts in depth business need analysis to co-create sustainable solutions. Deep has more than 35,000 man-hours of facilitating behavioural and leadership training to individuals from Senior to Junior levels across various industries e.g. education institutes, management consultancies, defence, IT, travel & retail. She has  logged more than 3,300 coaching hours and has grown her interest in systemic team coaching and leadership consulting. Her expertise includes executive coaching, leadership development, systemic team coaching, mentor coaching and group process facilitation.

Deep has facilitated an influencing skills programme for the brightest minds of India - IRS Officers. She’s also trained over 450 Indian defence officials on conflict management and communication, with an average training score of over 4.5. She has also worked extensively with Women in Leadership on networking, influencing, work life balance and navigating through vision, goals and plans, with individual and group work.

Other Relevant Experience

Deep has worked in both the public and private sectors, as well as NGOs. Her experience in the travel and hospitality sector was from beginner to business leader and her contribution showed progressive results in people, processes and partners. She feels grateful to have served India’s top automotive company, top eCommerce company and top airport, with 100% NPS.

After going through rigorous development centres and the TPC Leadership selection process, in 2016 she was elected as a Managing Partner for India.

In line with her purpose, Deep reaches beyond organisational settings with her Podcast “Deep Reflections” to extend and share her insights from the depth of knowledge, experience and life lessons. Her poems are a reflection of how she delivers complex ideas rhythmically.  She thoroughly traverses and navigates fields of growth not only in the executive and organisational settings, but on the well-being, psychological flexibility and strength, resilience and mindfulness practices.

Education, Qualifications & Certifications

  • TPC Leadership certified Transformation Leadership Coach/ Coach Trainer/ Mentor Coach
  • ICF certified NLP Coach Practitioner
  • ICF PCC -Executive Coach
  • Certified Systemic Team Coach- ICF
  • Certified Transactional Analysis counsellor- ICTA, Kochi
  • Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communication from Jagannath Institute of Management studies GGSIPU
  • Executive MBA – HR from IIM Lucknow
  • A in Psychology
  • Caliper Certified Competency Assessor
  • Certified Storyteller from USA
  • INLP certified NLP & Life Coach
  • Certified Mindfulness Practitioner
  • Certified Train the Trainer from Dale Carnegie
  • Certified instructional training designer & facilitator
  • Experienced Selling with Noble Purpose conference by Lisa Earle MC Leod, USA
  • Train the Trainer by FCTG People Works Team, Indonesia


English, Hindi