accredited coach practitioner

Team Coaching (INDIA) – 24 February 2022

Become a confident team coaching professional

  1. Adapt your individual coaching competencies to the team coaching competencies as per ICF guidelines.
  2. Practice many experiential tools to facilitate and coach teams.


  • Defining Team Coaching, Team Development: the hard side of teamwork, Managing Team Dysfunctions
  • Team contracting and design
  • Team Building: building trust
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Managing Conflicts
  • Peer coaching practice with written feedback
  • Support to build a team coaching intervention within 1 year from the program.

2.5*8 Sessions twice a week – [Thursday and Friday – 7:00 to 9:30 PM]

8 hours of peer and self directed learning and 2 hours of Group Mentoring Session.

* other facilitators joins subject to batch size in live classes, however recorded webinars shall be made available in a mobile learning app.

30 hours – ICF Accredited ACSTH Program


  1. Andrea Cardillo
  2. Deep Ahuja Sharma 

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Feb 24 2022


7:00 pm


Deep Ahuja Sharma - ICF MCC, EMCC

Lead Facilitator

Deep Ahuja Sharma - ICF MCC, EMCC

Other Facilitators

Andrea Cardillo - ICF, MCC
Andrea Cardillo - ICF, MCC