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Leadership under pressure blog

Leading under pressure

By TPC Leadership | January 6, 2020

Leading under pressure The word pressure is thrown around a lot in leadership circles. But pressure is a broad term when discussing how it might be navigated. Growing the capacity …

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Feedback diversity Transition to Leadership 1 MB

Is feedback an issue in your work space?

By TPC Leadership | December 18, 2019

  Giving feedback to colleagues can feel like crossing a muddy minefield. One wrong move and – boom – you’re no longer the likeable boss you have tried so hard …

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Transition to Leadership blog

What’s Your (MBTI) Type? And why does it matter for leaders?

By TPC Leadership | December 5, 2019

Why it’s essential that leaders focus attention and energy If we are to grow as leaders without burning out, it is necessary for us to understand ourselves. For many, this …

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attract and retain talent

How small companies can attract and retain talent

By TPC Leadership | October 17, 2019

Attracting and retaining talent How to attract and retain millennials is a pressing concern facing all businesses, but the challenge it presents small businesses is even more acute. In this blog, …

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emerging leaderes

Leadership development for emerging leaders. Why it matters more than ever

By TPC Leadership | October 3, 2019

In this blog TPC Leadership founder Charles Brook discusses the need for better leadership development for emerging leaders. Every organisation plans for growth, but not everyone attains it. At first …

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Coaching results you can and should measure

Coaching results you can and should measure

By TPC Leadership | August 29, 2019

In our latest blog, TPC Leadership’s Founder Charles Brook discusses the coaching results you can and should measure to help demonstrate a return on investment (ROI). How to get coaching results …

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coach with specialism

Do you ever need a coach with a specialism?

By TPC Leadership | August 15, 2019

When you’re looking to work with an executive coach do you ever need a coach with a specialism? TPC Leadership’s founder Charles Brook explores the factors you should consider. As …

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what game are we playing

What game are we playing?

By TPC Leadership | August 9, 2019

This blog from TPC Leadership’s Associate Partner Vicky Ferrier discusses the different type of leadership required in today’s unpredictable world and how the TPC Leadership framework for development can help …

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Coaching during change

Why do we need coaching during change? 

By TPC Leadership | July 31, 2019

In this blog TPC Leadership’s Associate Partner Biran Yilancioglu discusses the importance of coaching during periods of change.   How many of you are familiar with neuroscience? The amygdala, the …

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