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Tulay Akova


Tulay gets a rush looking at the functional similarities between institutions and the behavioral similarities between people. It is important for her to treat institutions as an organism – fertile and full of creative energy. With this approach, she analyzes the working system of companies, the dynamics behind the processes, the continuity of employees' happiness, and  she ensures the continuity of initiatives. In addition to the classical methods, she investigates and models certain concepts like Archetype, Consciousness, Unconsciousness, and Masculine and Feminine Energy Distribution, which are the subjects of psychology schools like Gestalt and Jung.

She believes that family companies often struggle to cope with the conflict of having both a need for corporate change and at the same time a resistance to change. She believes that family companies are in need of institutional experience in order to progress. Thus, she has set family companies as a focal point for her work. She consults family companies on the topics of institutionalization processes, development stages, strategic planning and business development, and critical factors for success during the transition to the second generation yet safe and grounded environment for her clients to think and make decisions for themselves. 

Leadership Development, Coaching & Consulting Experience

Tülay is a certified executive coach accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation) (PCC) and EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), and a certified facilitator based on facilitation competencies by IAF (International Accreditation Forum). In addition to her experience and technical knowledge, when she left the corporate world and headed for counseling, she brought with her other experience and knowledge from the following major trainings:

  • 5+ years of Gestalt training with Assoc. Dr. Hanna Nita Schler
  • Dance therapy training with Dr Marcia B Leventhal, Ilene Serlin PhD and Elyan Aysoy
  • Art Therapy And Coachıng Wıth Jung Perspectıve In Corporatıons with Dr Avi Gören Bar
  • Northern Healing and Family Constellations with Dr Luba Moisava
  • Facilitation and Administrative Coaching & Mentoring Training under the leadership of Özlem Rodoslu at TPC Leadership

Other Relevant Experience

Tulay has been a manager in the finance sector for 24 years. She worked as Private Banking Department Manager, Branch Manager, Regional Manager and Assistant General Manager Responsible for Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Alternative Sales Channels.


Turkish, English

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Linkedin: tulaygokalpakova